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Unlike regular hotels in Tarkarli, Rudraksh holiday home is a stay option in Tarkarli which offers accommodation to tourists visiting Tarkarli in a homely ambience. Conveniently located right by the main road connecting Tarkarli to Devbag Sangam Rudraksh holiday home is hardly two minutes walk from the Devbag beach famous for the SCUBA diving start point of Tarkarli which is located close to the start of Devbaug beach.

Accommodation at Rudraksh Holiday Home

Accommodation at Rudraksh holiday home is organized in its four spacious double bed rooms with provisions for extra beds. There are two family rooms which are larger than the two couple rooms at the holiday home. The holiday home also has a spacious couryard where seating arrangements are made to serve delicious home made veg and non veg Malvani cuisines.


Devbaug, which literally translates to 'Gods Garden' truely lives upto its name. A beautiful piece of land jutting out of the mainland with the Karli back waters on one side and Arabian sea on the other Devbaug is amongst the prettiest area in this region near Tarkarli.

Tsunami island - the hub of water sports in Tarkarli is located at te end of Devbag at the Devbag 'sangam' where the Karli backwater meets the arabian sea. Tsunami island is the location where water sports and parasailing is organized for tourists visiting Tarkarli.

SCUBA Diving which is the primary attraction of Tarkarli is also organized off the coast of Devbag. The start point of SCUBA diving in Tarkarli is at the end of Tarkarli beach where the Devbag village start about 5 mins drive from Rudraksh holiday home.

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Highlights of Rudraksh Holiday Home

Tarkarli Beach

Devbag beach seam lessly neets the Tarkarli beach about 6 kms from Devbag sangam. The long stretch of Devbag beach is about a mins walk away from Rudraksh holiday home.

Tarkarli beach
Water Sports in Tarkarli

Water Sports

Water sports is organized a the Tsunami island which is about 5 mins drive from Rudraksh holiday home. Along with the water rides parasailing is also very popular at Devbag sangam.

Dolphin Sighting

The chances of sighting a dolphin is considered to be highest off the Devbag coast during a boating trip especially during morning. Often schools of dolphins are sigted even from the coast at the beaches.

Dolphins in Tarkarli
Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg Fort

The Sindhudurg fort built on the Kurte Island on over 44 acers of land in Malvan. One can visit the Sindhudurg fort from Malvan jetty in a boat which is about 10 kms from Rudraksh Holiday home.

How to Reach

  • Sindhudurg to Tarkarli
  • Mumbai to Tarkarli
  • Pune to Tarkarli
From Sindhudurg

The nearest railway station from Rudraksh holiday home is Kankavli / Sindhudurg / Kudal which is approximately 35 kms away. Taxis and buses are available which will get you to the holiday home. If you are taking a bus then getting a bus to Malvan will be easier from where you can get an autorickshaw or bus to the holiday home.

Mumbai to Tarkarli

Tarkarli is about 35 kms off the NH 17 from Kasal just before reaching Sindhudurg town. The route to Tarkarli from Mumbai is pretty straight forward as one has to follow the Goa highway for about 400 kms till Kasal.
Mumbai - Panvel - Mahad - Hathkhamba - Lanja - Kasal - Malvan - Tarkarli

Pune to Tarkarli

By road the best route from Pune is via Kolhapur. From Kolhapur you may either take Radhanagari route or the Gaganbawda route. Although if you take the Radhanagari route you can visit the Dajipur bison sanctuary the road remains in very poor repair almost always. If you are planning to visit only Tarkarli its better to take the Gaganbawda route.

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